Geofill LD cellular (foam) concrete offers significant advantages in projects that require lightweight fill. Densities can be varied from 20 to 60 PCF and compressive strengths from 50 to 900 PSI.

In addition, Geofill LD is also available in a pervious formulation (Geofill LD Pervious). Applications include bridging over existing unsuitable weak soils for load reduction, replacement of unsuitable materials, construction of embankments for bridge approaches or ramps, backfilling of MSE panels/retaining walls and open cut backfills.

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Geofill LD and Geofill LD Pervious both offer many advantages, including:

  • Load reduction (vertical and lateral)
  • Stability and strength with only minimal weight
  • Engineered permeability
  • Minimizes future settlement
  • No compaction required
  • Good insulation
  • Flowable and pumpable – ideal for filling difficult to reach areas on congested job sites
  • Production rates of over 200 CY per hour

Why use Geofill instead of EPS blocks or lightweight aggregate?

  • Unlike EPS blocks, Geofill resists gas, oils, etc.
  • Unlike lightweight aggregate or other stone, Geofill retains its shape and is easily excavated
  • Geofill is a lower cost alternative than other lightweight options
Geofill LD
EPS Block
Chemical Degradation No No Yes
Permeability Yes Yes No
Non-Permeability Yes No Yes
Flammability No No Yes
Ability To Excavate Yes No No
Pumpable-Flowable Yes No No
Compaction Needed No Yes No

As a complete resource for tough construction challenges, Geofill offers mix design support and production planning.